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    Welcome to the official website of Baoji Juling drilling and production equipment Co.,Ltd.

    Service Hotline: 1328 9198230 Liujingli
    Performance pledges:
    In order to provide users with efficient and intimate quality service, our company has established a perfect after-sales service system, our company solemnly promises:
    1, Service purpose and goal: fast and efficient, considerate and considerate, user satisfaction.
    2, After the product leaves the factory, if the user needs, send the personnel to participate in the installation, debugging, training and so on of the equipment in time.
    3. Our company has comprehensive quality responsibility for the products. During the warranty period (12 months after the product leaves the factory), our company is responsible for "three guarantees" (warranty, return, replacement).
    4, Outside the warranty period, to provide users with lifelong, free technical support.
    5,Respond immediately when receive the user's technical help or quality problem report, and put forward the solution within 4 hours, if the user needs, send people tot the site within 12-48 hours to solve the problem.
    6, Our after-sales service hotline 13289198230 (Manager Liu) is open for users 24 hours and is ready to provide technical support to users at any time.
    7, We will establishes the product file, visit to the customer every 2 years, understands the equipment situation in time, make progress.



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