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    What are the six common faults of drilling machines?

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    Six common mechanical faults

    There are six kinds of common faults in drilling machinery:
    (1) Damaged faults: such as fracture, cracking, pitting, ablation, deformation, strain, cracking, indentation, etc.;
    (2) Degenerative faults, such as aging, deterioration, peeling, abnormal wear, etc.;
    (3) Loose type failure: such as loosening, shedding, etc.;
    (4) Maladjusted faults: such as excessive or low pressure, misalignment, large or small gaps, interference, etc.;
    (5) Blockage and leakage failure: such as blockage, leakage, leakage, oil seepage, etc.;
    (6) Performance deterioration or functional failure mode: such as functional failure, performance deterioration, overheating, etc..



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