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    Removal and Maintenance of Drilling Machinery Fault

    [ Information dissemination:This station | Release Time:2019-09-16 | browse:366 ]

    More than 85 % of drilling machinery failures are caused by wear and tear. To solve the wear and tear of spare parts, in addition to adopting excellent materials, selecting advanced manufacturing processes and designing reasonable mechanical structures, the most important point is to ensure the rational lubrication of machinery, and also require careful operation by operators. For drilling machinery, one must minimize the wear and tear of parts and components, and prevent the occurrence of faults; Second, we must flexibly use repair methods, do not explore and study new maintenance methods, and repair drilling machinery in the field. Due to the difficulties of accessories, materials, lifting equipment, etc., maintenance personnel are required to make full use of their wisdom to relieve the failure as soon as possible.

    To ensure the proper lubrication of machinery
    More than 50 % of the failure of drilling machinery is caused by poor lubrication. Due to the precision of the various parts of the drilling machinery, good lubrication can maintain its normal working space and suitable working temperature, prevent impurities such as dust from entering the machinery, thus reducing the wear speed of the parts and reducing mechanical failure. Correct and reasonable lubrication is one of the effective measures to reduce mechanical failure. For this reason, one is to rationally use lubricants. According to different mechanical structures, different types of lubricants are selected, and suitable lubricant brands are selected according to different environments and seasons. We must not replace them arbitrarily, let alone use shoddy products. Second, the quantity and quality of lubricant should be regularly checked, the quantity is insufficient, and the quality should be replaced in a timely manner.
    Careful and reasonable operation of machinery
    In the operation of drilling machinery construction, should pay attention not to work under the maximum load that the machinery can withstand, to evenly add and subtract throttle, to ensure that the machinery is in a relatively stable load change, prevention! The ups and downs of the engine and working equipment reduce the wear and tear of the machinery and reduce the occurrence of faults.



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