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    What are the specific categories of petroleum components

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    Oil accessories can be divided into two categories: standard accessories and optional accessories.

    Standard oil accessories refer to auxiliary parts that are randomly equipped. Although the standard configurations of each model are different, common standard configuration components include memory and paper boxes. Of course, for different models, the size of memory and the capacity of the carton are different. The standard configuration can be seen by consulting the product description. If there is a lack of standard configuration, it will affect the use and performance of the product to some extent.
    Optional accessories refer to components that can enhance product functions and improve product performance in addition to standard oil configurations and need to be purchased separately. Unlike standard configurations, not using optional accessories will not affect the use of the basic functions of the product. There are many types of optional accessories, and the optional products supported by different products are also different. Therefore, when purchasing optional accessories, you should consult the product description in advance so as not to buy it.



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