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    YC series hydraulic winch

    YC series hydraulic winch

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      • Product introduction
        The YC series hydraulic winch is a new product developed by our company and the BOHAI Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd.,The winch is powered by hydraulic motor, drives the drum through the planet planetary speed reducer , wraps the wire rope to lifting/putting down the heavy object.The electric winch has advanced technology, reliable performance, low energy consumption, high efficiency, safe and reliable, high automation, simple structure and stable transmission.Since its application, it has been widely affirmed and praised by users.
        Technical characteristics
        1) The hydraulic motor, planet reducer and drum are in a line.The structure is simple、compact and easy to maintain.
        2) This winch adopts Italian technology.Italian imported hydraulic motor,high transmission torque, high efficiency, compact structure, long service life and high reliability.
        3) The winch adopts the planetary speed reducer, the structure is compact, the bearing capacity is large, and the precision is high. The speed reducer is internally provided with a normally closed wet sheet hydraulic brake which is connected with a control oil passage, the opening/ closing of the brake is associated with the start/ stop of the motor, and the control is automatic and convenient.
        4) The winch integrates the directional valve, balance valve, pressure gauge and inlet / return port on the hydraulic motor. The user only needs to be equipped with pumping station and hydraulic pipeline, which simplifies the hydraulic system and improves the reliability of the transmission device, and the operation and control are simple.
        5) The reverse valve of this winch is a self-reset proportional directional valve, which can accurately control the speed of the motor and ensure the safety at the same time.
        6) There is a balance valve in lifting oil pipeline,so that the hydraulic winch is stable and controllable when the heavy object is lifted, and plays a role of buffering and maintaining the pressure.Even if there is a special working condition such as a pipeline burst, the brake failure,,There will be no sudden fall,safety.
        7) The winch adopts the United States import balance valve, combined with the volume efficiency characteristic of the hydraulic motor, and solves the secondary slide and the air-hook shaking phenomenon existing in the general winch, so that the lifting, lowering and braking process of the series of hydraulic winches is stable and orderly, and is safe and reliable.
        8) Spiral rope groove is set on the drum body of the winch, and the rope pressing mechanism is set on the rope outlet side of the winch to ensure the smooth and orderly laying of the winch, extend the service life of the steel wire rope and improve the operation efficiency.
        9) The hydraulic motor of the winch can realize overload protection by combining the relief valve set on the hydraulic system.



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