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    Welcome to the official website of Baoji Juling drilling and production equipment Co.,Ltd.
    DSJ Series Flip Machine

    DSJ Series Flip Machine

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      • DSJ Series wire line Spooler is the special equipment that used to collect and put out wire rope.The equipment can collect the wire rope after use to facilitate relocation and reuse of the wire rope,to prevent wire rope from coiling, twisting and protecting wire rope,to reduce the labor intensity of workers.The machine can also be used to collect and put out large cables, wires.
        According to the different forms of power, the wire line Spooler can be divided into electric wire line Spooler、pneumatic wire line Spooler and hydraulic wire line Spooler.The electric wire line Spooler has a constant-speed type and a stepless speed-regulating type; the hydraulic wire line Spooler and the pneumatic r wire line Spooler can realize the stepless speed regulation.
        Our company has provided hundreds of wire line Spoolers for XIBU drilling company, BOMCO, BOHAI drilling company,the fourth machinery factory SINOPEC, DAQING drilling company, CHUANQING drilling company etc..



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