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    Welcome to the official website of Baoji Juling drilling and production equipment Co.,Ltd.
    YZDS series hydraulic station

    YZDS series hydraulic station

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      • 1) Product introduction

        YZDS Hydraulic Station is a special hydraulic station designed and manufactured by our company for oil drilling rigs. It provides hydraulic power for various hydraulic systems such as hydraulic pliers for oil drilling rigs, anti-spray mobile devices, drilling rig mobile devices, hydraulic crushing rope machines, hydraulic cat heads, hydraulic casing support tables, and hydraulic disc brake systems. It has reasonable structure, advanced performance and reliable quality, and is an ideal supporting equipment for oil drilling rigs.
        The series of hydraulic stations are equipped with main pump units, self-circulating oil and liquid filtration and refueling filter pump groups, air-cooled or water-cooled devices, explosion-proof electric control boxes, and various hydraulic equipment of the drill rig for the return oil cut valve group(some of which contain disc brake control valve group) and so on. With low level automatic control shutdown; Automatic control of heating and cooling of oil temperature; Oil temperature, oil level, filter filter pollution alarm.
        The series of key equipment such as hydraulic station plunger pumps, reversing valves, and control valves are made of famous foreign manufacturers such as Lefeisituo. The quality is reliable and the performance is advanced, which can meet the requirements of harsh environments including deserts, plateaus, oceans, and polar regions..



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